As Burged due to Covid-19 Virus treatment we are strongly sticking on the rules taken by the Turkish National Agency,Our Goverment and EU Commission.

Depending on the situation we are canceling all our local or international activities and mobilities until a further notification from official parties.

#StayAtHome #EvdeKal

Official Announcement by the Turkish National Agency,

Regarding the Corona (Covid-19) Virus, which appeared in China in December and spread to Europe;

Turkey’s National Agency; We strongly recommend that our beneficiaries review their programs regarding their mobility in the areas affected by the virus under the Erasmus + and ESC Programs for cancellation or postponement.

and the areas affected by the virus in our country from this region will be a cancellation of mobility, be postponed or held in a different place by the National Agency of Turkey “force majeure” will be accepted.