Burged is very well connected and has an associate network of public institutions, partners that includes Local Public Education Authorities (Osmangazi District of National Education Directorate), Osmangazi District Governorship, Uludag University; Bursa Technical University, Federation of Disabled People and other stakeholders with whom they work to tackle many educational issues, social duties and responsibilities.


Burged places tremendous worth on these alliances, co-operations and reliable networks as they not only help to create solutions and also ensure that projects and programmes achieve important impact in their region. Burged also has verified networks/supporters such as Techsoup, Google Non Profits, Microsoft Corporation

The board members of Burged is highly experienced with EU funded projects as they are previous project coordinators of various public bodies in overall Bursa. One of the Ka2 adult project which was funded in 2017 from the Finnish National Agency is about establishing language cafes in different EU countries Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Nederlands. We have 7 language cafes around EU all carrying out activities simultaneously.

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