Language Cafe Bursa

Language Cafe Bursa is one of the initiative of BURGED, that provides useful language learning materials in English,Italian,Finnish,Swedish,Dutch and of course Turkish.

Language Cafe Bursa

Language Cafe Bursa organised by Burged once in a week that allow individuals to come together and have fun while learning new languages.Attendees come together in an designated table for istance English(A1 Stage) and keep talking with the leading of a tutor has been assigned to encourge and open conversations among participants.

Thats all just you need to order your coffee and talk by turning off your shame.

We re regret to inform our followers that we had finished organising Language Cafe Bursa because of human resources and financial burden that it brings.Once we commence we would be informing you about the location and time.

Stay tuned!

Thanks in advance for your understanding…..

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