Youth Exchange (YE) – From Lithuania with love

Keep Educating Yourself!

YE “From Lithuania with love” will gather together 42 participants from 8 countries: Lithuania,Finland, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Greece and will take place in Klaipeda Lithuania.

5 participants from each partner country and 7 participants from Lithuania (Including 2 facilitators)

The aim of our Youth Exchange is to combat youth marginalization and discrimination through

creating the cartoons, using it as a tool to express our own views publicly in a creative way and

encourage young people for more inclusion and participation in civic life and decision making


The objectives of YE “From Lithuania with love” are:

  • Create together an opportunity to perform, formulate and express our voices and messages in an

artistic and creative way that suits us.

  • To learn basic cartoons making techniques.
  • To create cartoons of 2-4 frames about social issues of our society for showing own opinion and

attitude, express to influence social changes we want.

  • To increase knowledge and participation in decision-making processes for active citizenship for

take an action against youth’s marginalization.

  • To develop youth’s initiatives in the field of Erasmus+, cultural diversity and youth participation in

the social life issues within the framework of the Erasmus + program.