Paınt a Peaceful World! Youth Exchange Project /25 August-1 September/Vıenne

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Paint a Peaceful World is a Youth Exchange project that is gonna take place in Austria/Vienne between the dates 25 August-1 September.Burged will send 6 participants aged between 18-30 years old.

The project “Paint a Peaceful World” is a youth exchange, that will be held in Vienna, Austria in August 2018. The youth exchange will gather 28 participants, there will be six participants and one group leader from four different countries: Austria, Spain, Macedonia and Turkey.
The main aim of the project is to empower the youngsters to become active and creative citizens in their local communities that are not afraid to voice their message. We want to raise awareness about the importance of taking part in public debates and for young people to express themselves and raise their voice. We would like to raise awareness of street art and graffiti as a possibility for young people to do so.

To get more information pls read carefully info pack and application form.

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