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Project Name:Language Voices in EU

Project Duration:01.09.2017-31.08.2019

Project Partners:Learnmera oy(FI),Sorrento Lingue-Sant’Anna(IT), Folkuniversitetet(SE),Welcome Home International(BLG),Bursa Education and Youth Organisation(TR),Stichting Vrouw en Welzijn(NL),CENTRO EDUCACION PERMANENTE CEHEL(ES),

Brief Summary:

Language Voices in Europe

As the growing number of migrants in Europe struggle with limitedfinancial resources, this project aims to improve and facilitatetheir access to second language studies through participation inLanguage Voices language cafés, which are informal meetings based onvolunteering but also systematically organised. The migrants gainaccess to social, informal environments of the resident country whileintegrating into a community of learners and tutors, which is often akey success factor in establishing a quality life in a new country.The project will provide: 1) a preparatory training and handbook sothat the multilingual Language Voices concept can easily andsuccessfully be replicated throughout the EU or anywhere else in theworld;  2) A comprehensive material bank with language learning andcultural material and resources and a possibility for onlinecommunication and language exchange; 3) A mobile application to findlanguage exchange events available in the partner countries; 4) ALanguage Voices association registered in Finland to carry on theactivities.

The projectobjectives are: 1) to mitigate some initial barriers to languagestudies (regarding opportunity, access and cost); 2) to facilitatethe proliferation of easily accessible, informal, low-cost butwell-structured language training opportunities and material; 3) toprovide all-encompassing multicultural, multilingual environment andmeeting places in cooperation with local small businesses.