CREA.SE.COM Youth Exchange

Keep Educating Yourself!

CREA.SE.COM BURGED’in koordinatörü olduğu TR ULUSAL AJANSI tarafından fonlanan bir gençlik değişimi projesidir.Finlandiya,Portekiz, Letonya, Litvanya,İrlanda ve Türkiye’den 5’er gencin katılmasıyla gerçekleşecektir.30 Haziran 2019-06 Temmuz 2019 tarihleri arasında Bursa’da gerçekleşecek ‘Creative Social Entreprises for Communities’ eğitimine katılmak için bize adresinden yazabilirsiniz.Projemin kısa bir özeti;

We have prepared this youth exchange to address this issues and challenges, solidarity and volunteering as a key value and social entrepreneurship as an important tool to fight youth unemployment which is one of the biggest problems young people face recently. We want to develop a strong bridge from the individual and the values to the community promoting volunteering and solidarity with youth exchange CREA-S.E.Com: Creative Social Enterprises for Communities. We aim to inspire young people to be aware of her/his values, take control of their own life and become more responsible socially, acknowledge the problems and challenges of the society they live in, and be active citizens creating innovative solutions for those challenges. Moreover, young participants of our project will have an opportunity to work on their personal development and awareness for the society, discuss alternative ways to fight unemployment problem via social entrepreneurship which will be beneficial not only for them but also for their society, embrace volunteering as a life-style and be pro-active citizens of their local communities.