3 rd Meeting Language voices Maastricht, the Netherlands

Keep Educating Yourself!

Meeting started 9.00 am

SVW welcomed the partners to the meeting

Prior to the meeting in Maastricht, the Belgium partner approached the coordinator and a change in regards to the NGO (Our House) in Belgium was discussed. Barbara Winn-Hagelstam had resigned from the Our House NGO due to issues with the other board members. It was discussed that BWH will continue with the project under another name (Welcome Home International) and will submit the needed paperwork to the coordinator. However, the project tasks will continue as planned.

Welcome home international gave a presentation about the new NGO Barbara Winn-Hagelstam has recently started and to which the project Language Voices has been moved to. A justification for the Finnish national agency will be made after the meeting.

Language Voices language cafe, Women’s circle (women’s only language cafe) and Kid’s corner (children’s language and homework support) are 3 different sections that Welcome Home has decided to pursue for the Language Voices project.

The premises found by WHI is called Boentje Café and the first meeting will be held on Friday 27.4. They will have English, Dutch, French, Arabic and Farsi as the languages taught.

They have also found a social partner in Antwerp called Ons Huis who they are working with both in regards to material and disseminating each other’s language cafes.

The material made by the Belgian partner was presented as well as three animated videos.

“Fiver” was also introduced for voice overs and small translations as an inexpensive way of having them done within the project.

The Spanish partner has started their language cafe in Albunol. They are working with Spanish and English. The language café is a bi-weekly event. The spin-off from the project for Spain is also a cooking workshop that is in its’ planning stage and will be started soon.

They also gave a short presentation about the material that has been created within the project

Katja Primožič gave a short presentation about the situation for the Dutch language cafe and the partners will this evening visit the cafe. The Dutch partner has created material and bought games for the café. Other languages available at the cafe is French, Arabic and English at the moment.

Italy started their language cafe in March 2018. They are using Italian, English and Spanish (and French) and their teachers are the tutors in the cafe. They have found it easy to involve their students, but finding other attendees has proved to be a bit more challenging.

The Turkish partner started their language cafe in April with a 50 participant kick-off. Available languages are English, Arabic, Turkish, French.

The situation in Turkey is a bit more complicated than the other countries. It seems that the participants will need to get a certificate. Another idea was to start the creation of the membership cards for the participants. Belgium took over the job of designing the certificates and the membership cards.

Pictures from the kick-off meeting was shown and a animated video made with VideoScribe