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Language Voices in Europe

Language Voices is a project for improving and facilitation access to second language studies and opportunities for migrants through participation in Language Voices language cafés, which are informal meetings based on voluntariness but also systematically organised. The concept is modelled after the Cafe Lingua in Helsinki language cafe, which has been running for more than ten years in Helsinki and is well known in the capital area. There are 60-80 participants or even more every week.


 2017/2019 dönemi Tamamen Ücretsiz Yürüttüğümüz Language Cafe Bursa Etkinliğimiz Bitmiştir.

Language Voices in EU projesi kapsamında başlattığımız Türkçe,İngilizce,Fransızca,İspanyolca,Arapça dillerinde haftalık buluşmalarımız…

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Some of Our Ongoing Projects

 TRUE is an EU Erasmus+ project bringing together project partners and experts from the United Kingdom(2), Turkey, Italy, Sweden and Ireland.This project aims to improve access to and the quality of training for entrepreneurship educators within the context of inclusion and diversity.


Open data can create impact. It can help make governments more transparent, businesses more efficient and NGO’s better informed. But to create impact and unlock value with open data, you need to be equipped with the right set of knowledge and skills.Partners From Finland,Spain,Hungary,Cyprus,Turkey,Italy.


Project Lango intends to deliver a gamified language-learning solution that will help people with a refugees or immigrant background learn the local language and familiarize themselves with the new concepts around them.Using the smartphone applications created within this project will give them a head start in learning the native language of the country while waiting for their decisions from immigration or after the residence permit has been granted. These applications will also be useful for any other immigrants who have already been living and working in their new home country for some time.

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